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New Yorker style meets the modern, with bright elements

The student hall of residence is surrounded by a large park-like garden and are in the newly renovated former head office for the Scandinavian Tobacco Group (Skandinavisk Tobakskompagni), which has been domiciled at this site for about 60 years.

It is within cycling distance of DTU, CBS and KU, and when at home, you will be able to enjoy the new and vibrant Tobaksbyen neighbourhood, which has sprung up in Søborg. The fitness centre and shops are among the closest neighbours, and the combination of other homes, offices, green areas, squares and paths gives Tobaksbyen a wonderful dynamic.


Common areas - inside and outside

The flats


Flats with plenty of headroom

Tobakskollegiet has 18 different types of flats, ranging in size from 27 to 51 m2. The flats have high ceilings, plenty of light and fantastic space utilisation, where every square metre has been considered. They are all furnished with a master room, kitchen niche and own bathroom/toilet. Some of the flats also have a mezzanine that is effectively an extra room.

There is an elevator, and there is a high-speed Internet connection throughout the building. You can live here as a student or prospective student, alone or with your partner.

The hall of residence has a large common courtyard and garden with beautiful green areas. Tobaksbyen is surrounded by several green areas and paths.

It should already be clear that Tobaksbyen has plenty to offer, but we’re not done yet. There are plans to build even more homes, offices and cafés, all of which will make the area even more vibrant.

The flats are ready for occupation and can be rented furnished or unfurnished.


Tobaksbyen is a new and emerging district in Søborg

Netto, Fakta and Kvickly are app. 1.000 metres away. If you need to buy new clothes or fancy a club sandwich, you will find a good selection of shops and cafés on Søborg Hovedgade. We also recommend a visit to Bibliografen in Bagsværd or to the BIG Shopping Centre in Herlev.

If you are more motivated by fresh air than an indoor fitness centre, Søborg is right next to Utterslev Mose, which offers sports facilities, excellent running paths in some beautiful natural surroundings and plenty of large, green areas. Bagsværd Sø (a lake) and Smør- and fedtmosen are within cycling distance.

Bagsværd is also home to the brand new Haaning Collection car museum, and if you have cultural leanings, drop by Bagsværd church, which was designed by Utzon.

If you can spare the time and are looking for a student job, there are many large companies in the area that might be worth a visit. Major companies in the local area include: Novo Nordisk, ISS, NNIT, GEA and many other progressive companies who ex. work with sustainability and green environmental issues.


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Furniture packages to suit your needs

Rent your furniture package through Tobakskollegiet and save both time and money! If you so wish, we can furnish your flat so that it is ready for you to move in.

NB: As we have a limited number of furniture packages, it is only possible to offer these while stocks last.

Grab your bike - everything is close by!

You can park your bicycle in Tobakskollegiet’s well-equipped basement bicycle parking facility, where it will be safe and dry all year round.

1.000 m

Buddinge station

1.000 m


 1.000 m


5-10 km

The major educational institutions

9 km

Rådhuspladsen (Copenhagen city hall square)


See the most frequently asked questions here

What does the rent cover?

Flat with associated storage room, as well as access to common areas, including shared kitchens with freezers, study room, laundry room and bicycle parking.

Does the leasehold include a kitchen and bathroom?

All leaseholds are furnished with a refrigerator, sink, two hotplates with an extractor hood, as well as own bathroom and toilet with underfloor heating.

How much will I have to pay as a deposit?

If you are offered a flat rental, you will be asked to pay one month’s prepaid rent, a deposit for two month and one month’s rent.

How much does water, heat and electricity cost?

DKK 580 in on-account water, heating and electricity.

What about Internet access?

All the flats have an Internet connection (from YouSee). The connection charge is paid by the tenant. There is free internet in common rooms.

Is there a laundry?

There is a laundry on the ground floor, which is operated by Nortec. Laundry is at your own expense.

Is there a period of non-terminability/minimum binding period?

No, there is no period of non-terminability/minimum binding period. You can terminate your lease with the current month + three months’ notice.

Can you apply for housing benefit?

Yes, everyone can apply for housing benefit. Your eligibility for housing benefit will depend on the lease and your income. You can calculate your housing benefit yourself here: https://www.boligstoette.dk/bos-selvbetjening/beregner/basisoplysninger

Are children and pets allowed?

You are not permitted to keep children or pets at Tobakskollegiet.

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